True Tiny Homes, LLC is a specialty builder and promoter of affordable quality custom and earth-conscious tiny home houses & buildings.

Problem Worth Solving

Affordable housing is an issue everywhere. Our target clientele is seeking the freedom of portability, financial freedom from high rents/mortgages and/or they’re savvy investors seeking to creative instant passive income. High rents, unaffordable mortgage payments, and home repossessions are all but too common in America today and we believe we have a solution!


We are proud to be part of the tiny home movement. Creating quality affordable structures in Washington state from $9,000 and up. We focus on people and this makes us different. We build efficiently and work hard to have options for most anyone. Micro housing is not only fun, it’s versatile, affordable, extremely portable, maximizes space and is true freedom away from debt and financial stress.


Lawmaker seeks to shrink building codes to fit tiny homes

State lawmakers are considering helping tiny houses get legit. Many tiny houses do not comply with state codes, but in most cases they are built and used safely under the radar of code enforcers, said Martin Hammer, a San Francisco-area architect who has consulted with tiny home advocates. “There is a recognized importance among people …


Please Contact Us At 866.486.9466 in the USA. We’re located in the Seattle, Puyallup & Bothell areas. We hope to soon have models to view onsite…